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New Art Book from Black Swan EditionsNew Visionary Art Book



The Geography of the

Paintings, poems and drawings
by Steven Edwin Counsell  






From the INTRODUCTION by Monika Wikman , Ph.D. Tesuque, N.M. Jungian Analyst & Author, she states:   

“WITH STEVEN COUNSELL’S work doors open into the living imagination and invite us to walk through with him into its autonomous creative expressive landscape. And as we do the living question arises — what land have we entered?

From one point of view, we enter through his work via his paintings, drawings and accompanying poems, the landscape of the creation matrix itself erupting in ever fresh images revealing its own life from the depths as it informs contemporary daily reality.”


See Art Book AWARDS below !!!!!


NIEA-sticker-2013Winner in the Fine Art Category of the

2013 National Indie Excellence Award (NIEA)



CONGRATULATIONS to Steven E. Counsell, Artist/Author 


Best Art Book & Best Cover in the 

2012 New Mexico - Arizona Book Awards  






  • "Combination of poetry and artwork is unique and capitivating.  Use of scientific nomenclature in the poetry appeals to geologists, biologists , etc. thereby broadening the audience.  Beautiful artwork and poetry.  I truly enjoyed reading this book in one sitting."


  • "WOW"


  • "A spectacular visionary journey into imagination bonded with reality.  Some of the colored forms remind me of Chihully blown glass pieces."





“Your lovely dust jacket and hard cover are striking. Great work! I love the color, foil stamped title, the design of the flaps, and the nice end papers. Attention to details like this makes for a great design. Your design has lots of creative touches that I love to see. It is an excellent example of the power of using white space effectively. I love the paper and the large format! Luxurious. The Extraordinary artwork is presented in creative layouts with great typography. Exceptional work!”  Official review from book award contest

“This book has the most unique artwork of any in this category (Art/Photography). A very nicely done book. Esoteric poetry is hard to rate in juxtaposition to the other books in this field.”  Official review from book award contest

“Nice book.”  Official review from book award contest.  This last is a very short comment, but it's a GOOD comment!!!





Steve Counsell. visionary artist working on drawing at the Flying Star Cafe at the Santa Fe Railyads.

Steven E. Counsell, visionary artist, seen working on a new drawing at the Flying Star Cafe, 500 Market Street, at the Santa Fe Railyards.


Steve can be seen working on his art most weekdays from 7:30am to 11:00am. 


Stop by and visit !!!