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About Black Swan Editions

What is Art? What is Poetry?

We ask these questions every day at Black Swan Editions --

Art needs to amaze us and draw us into its wonder. Art should welcome us to enter the scene; to walk around the landscape, meet the personalities through their eyes, their posture, and physical tension; or, simply lead us to dream in the mysterious landscapes of another world.

Poetry needs to lead us to a higher plain of realization to help our mind see further than the actual image or print before us. Poetry should be like music.

The art images within ILLUMINATIONS, The Geography of the Imagination invite close scrutiny and exploration. Black Swan Editions wishes you many hours of delight and discovery among the world's presented inside.



Other Poetry Books with Cover Illustration by Steven E. Counsell:


Janet Eiger poetry about loss of a loved oneWhat Lasts Is The Breath
by Janet Eigner.

Janet Eigner's What Lasts is the Breath charts a decade of a mother's grief at the loss of a beloved adult daughter. Like a kind of Demeter doggedly searching through "the long, miserable journey of days" Eigner looks everywhere for what lasts: in nature, in memory, in love and family, in the clay objects her daughter sculpted, in a grandson's face, in encounters with others who teach her a different way of carrying grief, like Lavina, a Hopi friend, who says "the body is like a corn stalk/What lasts in the breath." The poems are particularly vivid in the lives and sensibilities evoked, and, just as the poems voice many difficult realities, including historical and political events, they also do not shirk from the many struggles of human feeling that follow such a loss. What returns is not the ever-mourned Persephone but a hard-won instruction for the living, that in our "gathering, preserving together" those who are left can again "taste the sweet/through the rough, bitter seed." Rebecca Seiferle, Tucson Poet Laureate, award-winning Copper Canyon Press poet, publisher of online, international zine, The Drunken Boat.


Jan Eigner author photoOther poetry by Janet Eigner:


Cornstalk Mother
by Janet Eigner.  


See Janet's website at

Contact Janet at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Jane Lipman poetry book On the Back Porch of the MoonOn the Back Porch of the Moon

by Jane Lipman

Contact Jane at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jane Lipman author photoJane Lipman, Author







Other poetry books by Jane Lipman:

The Rapture of Tulips 
Jane Lipman. 

White Crows Secret Life
Jane Lipman 







Dying Can Wait
by Linda Whittenberg. 

Tender Harvest
by Linda Whittenberg. 

See Linda's website at: Tender Harvest by Linda Whittenberg.

Contact Linda at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.